The full spectrum partners carefully selected in an ongoing process MET IB engage in, is the solid mainstay of the business offering to market verticals with and without ICT as their core. Like elements of the DNA sequence assembly, all partners find their substantial value in an organism of boundless opportunities.

Customers‚Äô needs are promptly attended by the Local Partners thanks to their obvious vicinity, who naturally revert with reliance to the portfolio of Technology Partners, each with their extensive competence in their field of specialty carefully assisted by the Sales & Marketing association of MET IB and Redmill Communications in precious collaboration with the Project Management teams to conceive deals that land everyone ‚Äď from Customer to Project Management ‚Äď to more business, better business, sustainable business for today and tomorrow.

That’s how partnerships happen. It’s the chain of trust.

Redmill Marketing Associates

Redmill Communications

Redmill Marketing Associates are the marketing partner of MET IB. Together, we help customers solve go-to-market challenges, delivering insight, content, campaigns and more. We also bring an expanded ecosystem of suppliers, enhancing our offer and leveraging an outstanding network of talent and innovation.