Tiberia & Partners - Follow your heart (Scampi)

MET IB Limited is the go-between bringing together customers and suppliers on the ICT plaza.  The solid portfolio of suppliers and their rich state-of-the-art ICT VAS solutions support the business of the MNO’s, Railways, ISP’s and other customers in emerging markets through their trusted relationships with our local partners.

With MET IB eTrade the eCommerce expertise is of support to businesses around the world to go live on various channels amongst the most profitable market places and dedicated tools with the usual MET IB direct relationship assisting customers in a joint growth process.

MET IB Mentor is the program selecting each year 2 ingenious entrepreneurs at their first experience in innovation technology to access the expertise for no consideration. MET IB mentors live by the Angelou’s thought of “when you learn, teach, when you get, give”.  The MET IB business network profits at adequate occasions of first round access to the products and services of the MET IB mentees.