Theodora Orenstein - Tiberia & Partners - Innovation Partner

A highly respected innovation revenue assurance authority, Theodora is much sought after for methodology with respect to transformative technologies.
She has been instrumental in the software development and Agile project management of innovative big data warehouse as well as the world’s first SIM-based solution for prepaid mobile phone billing, and other equally advanced communications and innovative payment technologies.
Theodora’s in-depth knowledge within the Telco / IT industry, regarding technology areas such as IoT, M2M, API frameworks, and Price Change Management processes has made her both a single point of contact as well as an internationally respected subject matter expert at conferences enlightening audiences about Business Metrics Automation, Content Verification, Benchmarking, RVA Challenges as well as Business Key Drivers.
Her lifelong enthusiasm for IT, high-tech transformative finance, billing, and smart contracts blockchain technology as well as telecoms and virtual / augmented reality systems is sheer limitless.
Theodora is a Computer Science graduate and has an EMBA in ICT. She is fluent in English, German, Hebrew and Romanian.