Riccardo Coroneo - Tiberia & Partners - SOC & Cybersecurity Sr. Partner

Hacker since he was 16 years old, Riccardo is today a senior IT consultant with more than 35 years of experience in various technological and organizational areas, with focus on SOC and Cybersecurity.

Round Network and Security system architect he has extensive experience at management level with a hands-on past.  His teams find it enriching to work with him because of his problem solving, knowledge sharing and knowledge acquisition abilities.  His competence in people and project management for multinationals like Cisco and Ericsson as well as for SME’s and start-ups is compelled by his lust for realization of state-of-the art SOC and Security environments.

As a Security and SOC expert Riccardo is renown in the Middle East as well as in Europe for his reliability and creativity.  His background as a Programmer, Police Agent, head of R&D of online services, pre/post-sale and technical consultant for ISP architectures and large carriers (Utilities and Telco) has shaped him as a reference in the market for his broad competence which he enthusiastically translates into instrumental systems.

Last but by no means not least, his ingenuity is worth of note.  The information security patent (n. 102018000021424 del 28/12/2018) for safe and efficient collection of LOGs from any source is specifically designed for very sensitive environments like the military.