Augusto Zumbo - Tiberia & Partners - Sales Executive Sr. Partner

Augusto, Managing Director of ReMedia TSR, an Italian consortium representing above 2200 manufacturers, distributors, importers of electronic and electric equipment pioneer in recycling solutions developed in about two decades of experience, research and practice fully compliant to the WEEE legislation. Augusto is an experienced business manager with a history of formulating winning strategies aligning resources and achieving outstanding results within highly competitive environments including historical organizations like Motorola or the shaping of the launch of network operators like Wind.
He has been involved in turnaround management of numerous business restructuring, developed business internationally with a strong focus on European markets, has been involved in the leadership teams of
Start-up – launch such as Wind and Sonera Zed
Telco and Technology Business Specialist – fix and mobile telecoms, IT, E-waste, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Software and Services
Restructuring – ownership of the mergers of a number of different businesses such as Motorola and Acer
Global Contract Negotiation – expert in negotiation of multi-million $ contracts
Board Member – many years of leadership at board level within various international organization such as Motorola Mobile Country Lead and ReMedia Member of the Board of Directors
People Management – recognized team leader creating career growth opportunities and incentivating top performing approach
Channels to Market – delivered results through direct sales, resellers and distributors
Augusto has a M.A. in International Relations from Kokusai Daigaku, International University of Japan, and Masters degree in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University in Milan. He is fluent in English and Italian and has a good knowledge of Japanese.