Anvar Umurzakov - Tiberia & Partners - B2B IT-Telco Sales Management Partner

Anvar’s background focuses on the development of business in Central Asia for telecommunication companies such as MTS Group, Comfone, StarhomeMach and TEOCO. He knows the way of an insider in the telecommunications sector and more so in his region. He is a seasoned hunter and experienced in selling solutions with engagement of C-levels and below at both large and small companies.

Anvar has a natural inclination strongly supported by his insatiable curiosity for all technological details which help the customer understand pretty quickly what value is in the solution and more importantly for his market.

As a significant contributor to the success in his region of two top roaming service providers, he receives the greatest appreciation for the good and profitable deals he seals with new customers, as well as ensuring excellent negotiations and matters resolutions at all time for all players in existing relations.

An Uzbek with superbly developed relational skills, Anvar is renown for his ability to get to the heart of the business by getting to the heart of the people with competence and savoir-faire, open-mindedness and true appreciation for multi cultural envirnoments. He is fluent in Russian, English, Tajik and, of course, Uzbek.