Angel Jianxin Hofstetter - Tiberia & Partners - China Relations Partner

Jianxin is a businesswoman with extensive background in finance who has been bridging the Western world with Asia all her life ‚Äď business, personal and academic.

She has a natural ability to propel business growth identifying opportunities for optimization when bringing together the best of two business worlds.

Angel, how she is known in the Western environments, while being extremely flexible indiscriminately addressing businesses of all sizes ‚Äď history with Motorola as well as with family owned start-ups ‚Äď she has been involved in technology and industrial business throughout her entire professional life with a very strong sense of commitment to the business dynamics and success.¬†

She focuses on proactive case analysis where she engages her solid business acumen, experience and intuition paired by success driven collaboration in expertise fields of technology and industrial deals.  

Jianxin is a natural talent for relationship building and nurturing.  By many is she appreciated for the long-term business partnerships and reliability.