Andrea Natalini - Tiberia & Partners - Commercial Executive Partner

Andrea is a practiced commercial manager with decades of experience in negotiating multimillion projects in the international arena of utilities, infrastructure and maritime transport industries with an agile and strategic approach.

Strategic business management of procurement flows is an art he has been performing within organizations where it represented a critical factor to the overall profit generation.

A fully global view of the business leads Andrea to closing deals and nurturing commercial relations worldwide, with a keen eye for the Far East and the emerging markets.

His diversified experience, operating in both large and smaller companies, with both local and international footprint together with his innate ability to interact flawlessly in the most diverse cultural environments shaped his structured, proactive and flexible approach to business.

Although being on the buying side for most of his career, Andrea views suppliers as project’s partners. The quest for mutual respect always paid off delivering smooth commercial relations at all levels.

Andrea has a M.A. in International Affairs from La Sapienza University in Rome. He is very fluent in English, has a good knowledge of French and Spanish and is Italian mothertongue.