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Plead the cause of beneficent organizations to support good causes by fundraising at events promoting Culture. With equal excitement for the Italian Culture and other nations’ Culture.

Culture is the humanity rescue factor. Through culture we substantiate the journey of each individual on planet earth. The good heart of human beings is never to be taken for granted and the highest exchange of gratitude occurs when generosity is complimented by culture.​

isItaly events and programs spread the Italian and other nations’ culture beyond literature and arts. Italy, like many other cradles of civilization, have a lot to offer so do generous people who enjoy giving back without boundaries​

isItaly support selected not-for-profit organizations through a three-way trading activity where isItaly support the organization of cultural events and programs kindly inviting (never mandating) the artists to donate a maximum (at their choice and can obviously be exceeded) of 5% of proceeds, by so doing exposing paying audience to more and more Culture.

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